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New Lignell Harpsichord

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Today I finally got the Lignell. Anton Lignell was the very first harpsichord maker from the west coast. Trained under the Boston School of harpsichord making, he first apprenticed under Frank Hubbard, but ended up with Eric Hertz, as Hubbard did not have enough work for him. Herz was famous for being the designer of the Baldwin Harpsichord, used by the Beattles and the Beach Boys. After five years with Herz, Lignell moved to the Bay Area in the 60s and started to build harpsichords, until the 1970s.

This harpsichord is a generic design, although it is more of a Northern European type. The maker said that he did not follow any particular example. I talked to the maker, and it had been so many years that he could not remember much about it, despite checking it out the week before. He did point out that for reasons that he could not remember, he misspelled his middle name on the name board! Anyway, he will come to my August 15th concert to check out my Hinkley Baffo Italian harpsichord.

Lignell at the front, Z-box behind it (partially obscured), Baffo at the back

View from the front

The maker told me that his middle name should be spelled Winsor, not Windsor

View from the tail

There will be a lot of work to do on this harpsichord. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I now just need one more harpsichord (still under negotiations), and I will be ready for teaching. Bach's Concerto for Four Harpsichords in A Minor, BWV1065, at my home, how about that?
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