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Giovanni Antonio Buffo Venice 1574 harpsichord from the Victoria and Albert Museum

I finally finished the last payment for my studio harpsichord, by selling my recorders and watches. So it will be leaving from England, hopefully arriving before the July 26th concert with my singer.
So here is the replica that I will be getting, made by a man named Hinkley in 1975.

Specifications: Brass Strings, Double Strung, a=415/440, AA-d"', False Inner Outer Constructions.

This will be my studio harpsichord, kept in the apartment, for teaching and rehearsing, as opposed to the RCM 175, which will be my gig and professional instrument. Despite of how good it appears, it actually has plenty of problems. Bad soundboard cracks, plastic jacks that do not fit, lid problems, etc. But that is why I can afford it, and that is also why I want to keep it in the studio..so no paying audience should see its sorry state.

Another perk of being considered a professional now: In exchange for paying the Onofrio Guarracino RCM 175 replica on a payment schedule that I choose, I have to market and promote this east coast maker's name and instruments. If I am not satisfied about the instrument, he will take it back and pay for the shipping cost out of his own pocket. I guess I will be his spokesperson in the west coast, and judging from my future gigs, I will be spreading his name internationally. Consider the price he will charge me, that will be less than a third of an equivalent instrument from a reputed maker. Besides, how many people out there have harpsichords that are quilled in vultures, which is the right way to do it three hundred years ago? Nowadays you will be lucky to have one quilled in geese.

Now, that's what I call "sponsorship" and "endorsement deal". Can't beat that ;-)
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Zuckermann #58 (1959)
1 X 8' AA-f3

This is something of an historic instrument in terms of the harpsichord revival. It was built by Wolfgang Zuckermann in his Christopher Street (New York) studio and kept on display there until this particular incarnation of the "Five-foot Straight-side" was phased out. I am only the second owner. At some point in the late 1970s, it was re-fitted with a nice new wooden keyboard and wooden jacks with delrin plectra. The soundboard is in good shape and the tuning pins hold well. It has recently been given a new stand to replace the old screw-on legs, and the stand is fitted with rollers so it can be moved around easily. There is also a new longer stick to hold the lid more open. (I still have the original if you wish to restore it's use.) There is some small cosmetic damage to the case, but nothing that can't be easily fixed. This may not be a fine concert instrument by today's standards. but it works fine for practice and small ensemble playing. It certainly would be a fine instrument for an amateur, a student, or a school or church looking for something to enrich their music program.

I'm only asking $500.00 (which is less than i paid for it in the late 1980s) but that is certainly negotiable, especially if it will go to a student or a non-profit institution. MAKE ME AN OFFER. PIctures available on request.


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I will be performing a fringe concert in the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition on June 4. My program is the complete keyboard works of Giamba Ferrini.


Today I recorded three pieces using my laptop so that I can analysis and critique myself. The two organ pieces are almost ready for the concert, the virginal piece still needs some work.

Organ pieces on Hook and Hastings 1912. I only use 8' 4' 2' + Flauto, Great to Pedal.
Toccata from Vatican Chigi Library Manuscript Q IV 24 folio 54

Flauto only.

Passagalli from Vatican Chigi Library Manuscript Q IV 26

Harpsichord piece on my Perticis. Tuned to a=385. A bit out of tune due to unstable weather for the past few days.

Ballo di Mantova
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I'm a pianist/folk harpist  from Canada currently working on my grade 8 piano. I really love the sound of the harpsichord and I would like to get one, however, I am a student so I'm on a budget.
I found this one for sale close to where I live:


I just have a few questions. The number of keys seems to be a lot less than a piano. Is the the normal amount of keys for a harpsichord? Also, how difficult is it to find music for a harpsichord? I thought at first I could just play baroque pieces for piano, but many of the baroque songs I already know would exceed the range of this harpsichord.

Any information would be appreciated.

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Just a short note to let everyone knows that I have finally finished the
construction of my Bach-Gesellschaft website.

There is a BWV-title index, and I also put up a BWV-BGA index, plus an
errata section.  Just follow the instruction on the website and you should
be able to download the appropriate scores.  If you find something wrong
with the score, please be sure to email me and I'll put it on the errata

Feel free to spread the news.  Its free.
Happy downloading


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interesting repertoire
sensitive playing
a beautiful instrument, well recorded

The Medici Harpsichord Book

NB lux_apollo: includes some Blasco de Nebra -- interesting stuff!

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Dear community members and readers!

There is one famous Czech haprichordist and one of the greatest J.S. Bach's works interpreter. She had done the recordings for all of his clavier works. Her name is Zuzana Růžičková [pronounced: Roozhichkova]. One of the interesting points about her is that she always plays by heart during her performances. It would be really amazing if someone could help me and give me links to some of the videos of her performances like this one: (Gigue from J.S. Bach's French Suite no. 5)

Her biography (unfortunately, in brief) can be reached at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuzana_Ruzickova (there is more in Czech).
I'll appreciate every comment you leave and any help provided!


There are free mp3's available for download of Bach's works recordings (some of them are done by Z. Růžičková) at: http://www.zipsites.ru/music/bach/bach_mp3_list.php
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